What is Somatic Movement?


How do we get our bodies to move freely and effortlessly again?

How can we release muscular pain?

HANNA SOMATICS (first developed by Thomas Hanna in the 1970's) teaches you to become conscious of all those effortless movements you used to do as a child and that your brain has forgotten.

Your brain forgets how to send messages to your body to move freely, as it develops chronic habits due to lifestyle (slumping at a desk, sitting, driving, using mobile phones, repetitive movement, carrying children, running, cycling, one sided sports such as tennis or golf etc) and through accidents and trauma.

Once a habit is formed, it replaces the previous healthy movement habit, and as a consequence the body ends up in pain. When the brain forgets how to send messages to the body to move without pain it is called SENSORY MOTOR AMNESIA.

SOMATICS engages the brain at a deep level, by moving slowly and mindfully through a series of simple and yet incredibly effective exercises. This is called PANDICULATION.  It is like yawning, and it is what every animal (e.g. a cat and a dog) does before it starts to move.

It is NOT STRETCHING.  Stretching is a form of contraction, and when you stretch an already tight/contracted muscle, the muscle will just tighten even more.  This is because stretching is a passive act. i.e. You do not need the brain to stretch, it is an unconscious movement. Instead as you PANDICULATE, you consciously contract, then lengthen and then ultimately fully release the muscles. 

To fully alter a chronic habit and to reduce Sensory Motor Amnesia, you need to notice the pattern first, by engaging your brain at a deep level, where it accesses the sub cortex.  You can only do this by slowly and mindfully moving, noticing and feeling every part of the movement (i.e. the smooth bits, the jerky bits) and taking time to pause and rest.

It is like riding a bicycle! You never forget how to ride a bike. Even if you haven't ridden one for years.  You'll be a bit wobbly but with PRACTISE you can develop the skill once again.

It really is that simple!

Once you have been taught these simple exercises by a qualified Somatics Exercise Coach, you can parctise these simple movements at home.

Your own self massage!

It empowers you to change your mind, which will change how your body feels.

SOMATIC MOVEMENT is the foundation of all movement and will improve your walking, running, cycling, swimming, tennis, golk, skiing, gardening, yoga, Pilates or whichever way you like to move.


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