Client Testimonials


"We have been attending Karen's Pilates classes during our year long stay in Inverness.  First we did not know much about what to expect but it turned out to be the most enjoyable classes we have ever attended.  The exercise is not only great itself but it also raised our awareness of the body posture during our normal life. Karens friendly attitude helps create a pleasant atmosphere so that you are always looking forward to the next class.  we believe Pilates is very useful for everyone and would definitely recommend Karen's classes" Martin and Martina, July 2016, Czech Republic

"My own wellbeing has improved.  You have a great and quick understanding of individual demands.  You are very patient at repeating corrections to clients.  You have so many different ways of explaining an exercise - images, pictures, hands on help and a role model.  Once we have established an "action" (is there such a word?) you find variations, it's never boring.  You share your time well between all in the group.  Many thanks and keep up the good work" Denise

"Thank you...you seem very aware of individual needs within the group, which is vey re-assuring" Elizabeth

"On the good bits...it's all good" Mairaid MacKenzie

"It's your voice we look forward to" Mary Murray

"Pilates and your class feels relaxed.  I can operate at my own pace to my own limits, and there is personal encouragement throughout, and tips for at home.  Feels safe" Ann

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